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Special Thanks

Special Thanks to god for giving me the strength to help me help myself, and for carrying me through when times got tough.

Special Thanks to my dearest Michael, for realizing at the time that inside my deteriorating physical shell was still the soul that he fell in love with.  All my love baby!

Special Thanks to Catherine Simone, whose book To Wake in Tears helped save my life.  Thank you Cath for having the strength to stand by your convictions.  For knowing that by sharing your beliefs you can’t please everyone and for pleasing the many that you could with your thoughts and perceptions.  You have helped so many.

Special Thanks to all of the medical professionals who have helped me.  Especially Dr. Paul Fuggazoto and BJ Czarapata.  Thank you for helping so many others as well.  Having you on our side in the battle of IC is truly a godsend.

Special Thanks to all others who have the courage to come out and talk about their IC to help others.  You create message boards, support groups, newsletters and more.  Most of all thank you for not crumbling in the face of criticism and continuing forward.  I hope you realize how much you have helped the rest of us.

Special Thanks to all those with IC who have walked and continue to walk on the same path as I have including my dearest Maggie, LindaJ and all of my friends on the IC Advice and Support Page.   Thank you for being there for me and for teaching me so much.

Special Thanks to those who press on and continue working to find a cure for this dreaded disease.

And finally………  I would like to send my love and give special acknowledgement to those who have been suffering with IC for many, many years.  You suffered at a time when there was little support, less treatment options and even less understanding of the disease.  For some at one time there was not even a name for what was hurting you.  For this you are truly the most courageous of us all.