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Hello and welcome to my website

This site has been established to provide hope to those who are suffering from Interstitial Cystitis.  It is my mission to create a site where patients of IC and other bladder related disorders come to learn from the successes of others.  I am one of those successes and in this site you will find my story.  There are people who find ways to get their IC under control and lead a normal life again and there are people who heal completely from the symptoms of IC who have been doing well for a number of years now.  I only hope they will join me in sharing their experiences for the benefit of others.  For more information about this website click on: About this Site


I have decided to not wait until I complete my dissertation to start
teaching. I plan on doing so mid January.
I plan on having licensed professionals sign up for classes on line
with me and I will teach them my methods.

Please contact Boma-Med, we are starting registration.

"Road to Recovery" dedicated to the work of Matia Brizman who is helping so many people recover from this devastating disease. 
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For a list of recommended IC reading click here.

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